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Green Wonder Product

Superzilla® is “The Green Wonder Product” because it successfully performs when other products fail without the
harmful effects on our health and the environment. Superzilla is non-hazardous and a testimonial to the superior power of plant materials working together to create a safe and effective product for the most difficult jobs.

Superzilla is superior as a Penetrating Oil, a Cleaner and as a Lubricant and here’s why:
As a Penetrating Oil it is the best in the WORLD! Superzilla has natural capillary action since it’s made from plants. Superzilla will literally walk through a rusted nut and come out an inch on the other side. While it’s doing this, it is removing rust and lubricating the mechanisms so the bolt is easily removed.


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I used Superzilla on my very weathered and dry vinyl siding (facing the west sun) and now the siding is as good as when it was new.  Now two years have passed and there is still no sign of weathering... It sure did a wonders and brought it back to new again. Thanks!

~Dave D. | Okemos, Michigan

As a hand cyclist, it is important to me that my cycle operates perfectly for races and training.  I first used Superzilla to thoroughly clean the chain by soaking it over night.  This product gets rid of the sludge and old lubricants that seems to attract dirt and sand.  After I completely dry the chain, I reinstall it on the cycle. The chain is bright and shiny, like brand new metal and stays that way.  Before Superzilla the chain was black with lubrication which always seemed to find its way on to my hands or my jersey.  Now I can adjust the chain by hand and nothing transfers to my skin on clothes.  The chain is extremely quiet during operation and flows flawlessly over the 27 gears on my cycle.  I really love this product and recommend it to my cycling friends. 

~Terry F., Hand Cyclist | Ocala, Florida

Recently we painted our office floors using a professional grade epoxy paint. The cleanup instructions simply said: dispose of rollers, paint brushes and rags as they cannot be cleaned. I had gotten this paint on my hands and expected to wear it for several weeks, but I thought to try Superzilla just on the chance that it might work. It not only cleaned my hands, but also cleaned and saved our paint brushes. This product is amazing! 

~Terry F., Business Owner | Lake Odessa, Michigan

I was getting ready to throw out a comforter that had nail polish spilled on it when I seen your commercial. My husband and I went and bought Superzilla as a last resort, and it worked!!!! No more nail polish stain!! Thank you so much you literally saved me hundreds of dollars on not having to replace my comforter. I will be telling everyone I come in contact with about your product, it is amazing!!!

~Joan W. | Romulus, Michigan

I have been a locksmith for 50 years and used many lubricants in the field. Consistently Superzilla has outperformed everything we have ever used or sold here. I opened a padlock that had been neglected for years hanging on a fence outdoors. We put Superzilla on it and within 15 seconds it was working like brand new. This product across my counter retails for 1/3 less than what we were using, it is more eco-friendly and it beats the pants off anything I have found. I have not heard one negative word about it from the private or government sector. It will go through locks and bolts like a house afire!

~Mark B., Marks Lock Shop | Lansing, Michigan

Superzilla is amazing! I was given a couch that had paint spilled on the back of it and the paint had been on it for at least 5 years. Previous owners tried just about everything to remove the paint, but nothing worked. So when I received the couch, I sprayed Superzilla on the paint stain, and within 10 – 15 minutes the paint began to come off and now all of the paint is gone!

~Zach W. | Lynchburg, Virginia

I used it on the bearings to clean off the grease and haven’t used anymore grease since. In my door locks and on my door hinges over the winter it stopped the squeaks and they haven’t squeaked for months now.

~Mike P., CDL Truck Driver | Luckey, Ohio

I recently purchased several older pieces of woodworking machinery; the machines hadn't been used for several years and had been in a storage warehouse. The table tops were quite rusty after years of neglect and many of the adjustment screws were rusted in place. I sprayed Superzilla on each piece coating the surfaces and screws. After letting them sit a few minutes, I wiped the Superzilla off. The rag removed the Superzilla and most of the surface rust. The set screws came loose on the first try and none of them broke off. I continue to use Superzilla to remove rust from any equipment that I get as well as routine maintenance to keep the tools from rusting in the first place. I am pleased with the results of using Superzilla and I will continue to do so in the future."

~Paul M, Cabinetmaker | Bowling Green, Ohio

Hell yeah it works; I had left a hose attached to the spigot out behind my shed over the winter. It was rusted solid, would not budge. So instead of a MAPP gas torch, I put this ‘Superzilla’ on it and left it for the day. That evening with a little bit of manpower it twisted right off. A few cents of Superzilla saved me a lot of trouble replacing that spigot.

~Hardy K., Homeowner | Anderson, Indiana

Like everyone I’ve had problems replacing light bulbs that have been in for a while. So what I’ve been doing is wipe the threads before I screw them in. I have been very pleased. I challenge someone to do that with WD-40 and not burn their house down. Plus it doesn’t stink so using it in the house is no problem.

~Alton D., Farmer | Anderson, Indiana

I had some tar stuck on some tools, shovels and whatnot. I sprayed it down with a heavy coat of Superzilla and came back later that night and it scraped off just fine.”

~Neil G, School Teacher | Weston, Ohio

My family and I have a busy house, with 3 kids, chickens, 2 bottle calves and a pig. When I heard I can use this in the barn as well as around the kids without worrying about chemicals, I was interested. Not only that, it works better than the harsh chemical stuff too! I wish you all the best getting this great Superzilla into the stores.

~David K., Insurance Agent | Girty Island, Ohio

I like it because I can be lazy and go do other things while Superzilla works to unstuck a bolt or coat a tool. In fact I use it when I sharpen my lawnmower blades, and on the bottom of the deck it helps protect the metal and makes it easier to wash off the grass.”

~Dave R., Salesman | Edon, Ohio

It worked great, except you can’t start a fire with it.”

~Tom P., Retired Auto Mechanic | Grand Rapids, Ohio

I have a family member who uses baby oil in the tub for dry skin. It would leave a film in the tub and when another family member would get in the tub. I have tried everything to get this mess off, including Goo Off foaming cleaner, Scrubbing Bubbles and Ajax and had to work my @$% off scrubbing. Well, popped the top and sprayed Superzilla, and voila, the grime came right off with no scrubbing, just a wipe up with a dry towel.  Fantastic, will buy again.

~Gary H. | Woodhaven, Michigan