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Superzilla is a superior cleaner, superior lubricant and superior penetrating oil in one formula.

Superzilla is certified by the USDA as a non-hazardous green product.This is only certification the federal government issues for certifying a green product.


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Featured on the NBC Today Show:

This award is given to the most innovative product that is likely to be an industry wide best seller in the years ahead

EVERY homemaker, mechanic, farmer, hobbyist or business can benefit from using Superzilla.

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Superzilla® is “The Green Wonder Product” because it successfully performs when other products fail without the harmful effects on our health and the environment. Superzilla is non-hazardous and a testimonial to the superior power of plant materials working together to create a safe and effective product for the most difficult jobs.

Superzilla is superior as a Penetrating Oil, a Cleaner and as a Lubricant and here’s why:

As a PENETRATING OIL it is the best in the WORLD! Superzilla has natural capillary action since it’s made from plants. Superzilla will literally walk through a rusted nut and come out an inch on the other side. While it’s doing this, it is removing rust and lubricating the mechanisms so the bolt is easily removed.

New Brunswick, Canada

Absolutely love your product. Had broken bolts in the swing bearing of my chipper, tried drilling them out and they wouldn’t budge. I sprayed the bolts with the penetrating oil, waited an hour and screwed every single one out with my fingers. Save $15,000 on a new bearing and 2 days downtime to replace it. Anybody who is using a different penetrating oil is just wasting their time. Superzilla I salute you!

As a CLEANER it will remove virtually anything that soap and water won’t clean, like:

Wax • Rust • Tar • Oil • Ink • Hair Spray • Lipstick • Labels
Graffiti • Adhesives • Starch • Permanent Marker • Stainless Steel w/o streaks
Crayons • Caulking • Nail Polish • Carbon • Scuff Marks • Grease • Tree Sap
Smoke • Asphalt • Flexible Rubber Sealer

OIL - Before and After

MARKER - Before and After

LABELS - Before and After

STAINLESS - No Streaking

BOAT - Before and After

WAX - Before and After

GRAFFITI - Before and After

RED WINE - Before and After

NAIL POLISH- Before and After


~Alton D., Farmer | Anderson, Indiana

Like everyone I’ve had problems replacing light bulbs that have been in for a while. So what I’ve been doing is wipe the threads before I screw them in. I have been very pleased. I challenge someone to do that with WD-40 and not burn their house down. Plus it doesn’t stink so using it in the house is no problem.

~David K., Insurance Agent | Girty Island, Ohio

My family and I have a busy house, with 3 kids, chickens, 2 bottle calves and a pig. When I heard I can use this in the barn as well as around the kids without worrying about chemicals, I was interested. Not only that, it works better than the harsh chemical stuff too! I wish you all the best getting this great Superzilla into the stores.

~Gary H. | Woodhaven, Michigan

I have a family member who uses baby oil in the tub for dry skin. It would leave a film in the tub and when another family member would get in the tub. I have tried everything to get this mess off, including Goo Off foaming cleaner, Scrubbing Bubbles and Ajax and had to work my @$% off scrubbing. Well, popped the top and sprayed Superzilla, and voila, the grime came right off with no scrubbing, just a wipe up with a dry towel. Fantastic, will buy again.

~Joan W. Romulus, MI

I was getting ready to throw out a comforter that had nail polish spilled on it, when I saw the commercial. My husband and I went out and bought Superzilla as a last resort, and it worked!!!! No more nail polish stain!! Than you so much – you literally saved me hundreds of dollars on having to replace my comforter.

As a LUBRICANT Superzilla is more slippery than oil, plus it leaves a non-ionic charge which doesn’t attract dirt and dust. This eliminates the ‘sandpaper effect’ which is common when using competitive lubricants. Superzilla is safe and effective for multiple jobs.

Superzilla can lubricate:

Rollers • Bearings • Sliding Doors • Hinges • Locks
Valves • Garage Doors • Tools • Cables • Wheels
Sewing Machines • Trimmers • Sporting Goods • Gears • Chains

Superzilla does all of the above with a non-hazardous, non-corrosive, and non-flammable formula made from plants. Plus it has a low odor for indoor use and it can be cleaned up with soap and water.

Superzilla is not recommended for guns. For guns we recommend Gunzilla which is the “gold standard” for cleaning, lubricating, and protecting (CLP) guns. In combat Gunzilla reduced total weapon malfunctions by 75% or more and it is considered a life saving product by U.S. troops. Gunzilla is also made from plants with a non-hazardous and low odor formula. At TopDuck we make life saving and life changing products. For more information on Gunzilla please visit