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About TopDuck Products

I started TopDuck Products, LLC with my family in 2004 after spending most of my early career manufacturing and selling FAA certified aircraft. Building airplanes educates one about safety issues because there is no alternative to safety when building an aircraft.

TopDuck got its inspiration in 2003, when a soldier came home complaining about the military cleaners eating the skin off his hands. In reviewing the MSDS sheet for the military issued CLP it said "direct contact with the skin can result in liver/kidney damage". Shortly after this startling revelation, a unit just returned from combat in Iraq had an additional problem. They were complaining about the military issued CLP jamming their weapons because it attracted the blowing sand and carbon during heavy firing. It seemed unbelievable that we were sending troops into combat knowing their weapons would jam in a firefight from the blowing sand and heavy firing. We asked ourselves how a country who put a man on the moon couldn't figure out how to provide our troops with a CLP that would keep their weapons firing during a firefight? What made this even more concerning was the fact that these weapon malfunctions were costing Americans their lives! It also seemed irresponsible to demand young men and women use hazardous chemicals on a daily basis without any protection or knowledge of the potential dangers.

After several years of testing, Gunzilla was introduced in 2006 as a safe and more effective CLP for military, law enforcement and sportsmen. Today Gunzilla is the new gold standard for cleaning and lubricating weapons. In combat Gunzilla has reduced weapon malfunctions by 75% or more and it is considered a life saving product. There have been two Urgent Needs Statements issued for Gunzilla. An Urgent Needs Statement can only be issued by a commander in combat for a product that without the product there will be a loss of American lives.


Several years ago, TopDuck Products, LLC began looking at the home and industrial markets, which are also full of products containing dangerous chemicals. Many of these chemicals are innocently being used by unsuspecting consumers. As a doctor at Mayo Clinic stated “when someone has a health problem we first look at their environment and chemicals they come in contact with”. Armed with this information TopDuck decided to expand into the consumer and industrial market with USDA BioPreferred Certified products. Our goal was to make non-hazardous formulas which would be environmentally friendly for both the home and industry. But their performance must be superior to traditional petroleum or water based formulas.

Many years of engineering and testing produced our first product for home and industry, Superzilla “The Green Wonder Product”. We are very proud of Superzilla because it truly is superior to anything on the market today. Most companies will tell you they have the best product but the difference with Superzilla is we can prove it! Superzilla will penetrate, lubricate, clean and protect better than traditional oil and water based formulas. Plus what is remarkable about Superzilla is it does this with a NON-HAZARDOUS FORMULA. It is ideal for home, hospitals, schools, businesses or anywhere superior performance is required and health is a concern.

In the future TopDuck Products will be introducing additional “Green” products. If you have a need for a “Green” product to meet a specific requirement then we have the solution. Our team of highly talented and dedicated professionals have been brought together to develop safer and more effective products for the world. We have the talent to engineer a “Green” product for every application.